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Before requesting a support ticket please read the Frequently asked questions below:

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minipro 5 and if you are doing audit , inspections or both.

Inspectors Minipro version 5

  • Goto Downloads, Minipro Version 5 downloads, Setup_all
  • Save them to your desktop, then go above and get a support ticket and
  • Call or chat with technical support to complete the install


Auditors Minipro Version 5

  • Goto Downloads, Minipro Version 5 downloads, download setup
  • download add ons
  • Save them to your desktop, then go above and get a support ticket and
  • Call or chat with technical support to complete the install



Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a collection of frequently ask questions:

How Do I Change My FTP IP Information and Path?

To change the IP address in your minipro, Log into your minipro, then click on provider to bring up the communications window. At the top on the communications window click on Options, go down to the ftp information.  Add the IP address given to you by your home office. close it , close the communications window.  Then you can click on Provider and Connect like you normally would.  To change the Path information, this is the last item in the list and begins with a /.  Follow the above steps to get to the FTP information screen. Then change the path.  Close the windows and then click on provider and connect like you normally would.

How can I keep track of my Inventory?

In order to keep you inventory synchronized, you need to click on provider, then connect.  This will update your inventory with the home office.  to view all your inventory, click on explorer and you will see the inventory organized into several folders,  New, Open , Processing, Completed, and Returned.  New are cases you haven’t opened yet.  Open is your working inventory.  Pay attention to the due dates so your work is not turned in late.  Cases in processing, are cases you have sent in.  Completed are cases that have been reviewed by the home office.  Returned is work that has been returned to you for corrections.

Error 503 when opening audits or forms.  The Xceed Ftp component has become unregistered.  Download the addons.exe from Here or from the minipro 3 downloads area.

Why can’t I Connect/ Error in Transmission.

Check these 3 things before calling for technical support:

  1. Are you connected to the internet? Open up an internet page and see.
  2. Is “Every Visit to the Page” checked in your internet options?
    1. Go to Control Panel, Internet options, browsing history, and select Every visit to the page
  3. Do you have a firewall that is blocking access? If so, change the settings to allow the MiniPro program through.
  4. Go to provider Options, and select Xceed FTP.
  5. Make sure to set the files back to Ready to Transmit before clicking on provider and connect again.

Where did my Open Case go?

If your case is not listed as an Open Case, it could have been changed to Processing, Completed, or Deleted/Transferred.  Click on the Search option to search for your case or click on the Explorer.

Why didn’t this Open Case print with the rest of the New Tickets?

The case may have been printed and changed from New to Open.  You can print an Open Case by bringing up the case and clicking on File, Print.

How do I upload processing cases? How do I know when I’ve successfully uploaded work?  

Once a case is Processing, the next time you connect to the Provider the cases should automatically upload.  Once you’ve received confirmation from the Management Professional FTP site that the case has been billed, it will go to a Completed Case. You can also go to the status tab and look at successful upload acknowledgement.  This will happen after it has been picked up by the home office so this confirmation can be delayed up to a day.

It says registration expired.  How do I get a new registration.

Simply sign into Minipro and then select Provider and Connect.  It will automatically download a new license for you.

It says registration corrupted/ Can’t sign into Minipro. 

Type over the user name and put in the password.  Once into Minipro hit provider and connect to download a new registration.

My Excel files won’t open

when it asks you what program to use, put in excel.exe

My PDF files won’t open

when it asks you what program to use,  replace acrobat.exe with arcord32.exe and click ok.

My  Word files won’t open

when it asks you what program to use, put in winword.exe

Updating Minipro.

If you have been to told by the home office to update, you can go to minipro downloads 5 and download the appropriate version.  You need to be out of minipro when you run the update.

Within minipro, goto provider, options , type in the new version and it will automatically update for you.

It Says I am missing a form.  If you are minipro version 5.101 and above click on provider, extra, and autodocs to download all the forms.