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Frequently asked Questions


Adjustment Column

If the overtime column is not transferring to the adjustment column, double-click on the 1st record in the overtime column, for time and a half, put in -.3333

Time-Saving Tips for the Payroll / Sales and Subcontractor Tabs

  • Mode-Activate Enter Key– Select this option to ease entering figures in the Worksheet’s PayrollSales and Subcontractor tabs.  When this option is activated the Enter key acts as a tab key to more easily move from area to area.
  • Split Screen – Next to the horizontal scroll bar there is a black square located at the left lower corner of the Payroll/Sales and Subcontractor tabs.  If you move your cursor over this black square the cursor will change to a double-sided arrow.  By dragging the arrow to the right you may split the screen, allowing you to view the first column’s information next to any column to the right of it.  This may be particularly handy when entering payroll by month or entering information into an area with many columns.

 Manipulating Records –

  • Menu If you right-click somewhere in the Payroll / Sales or Subcontractors tabs a menu appears with several options to help manipulate the worksheet.
  • Rows  Select a Row quickly by clicking on the record number on the left side of the tab’s screen.  Once selected, you may easily delete the row by right-clicking and choosing Delete Record. Or you may move the entire row up or down in the list by selecting it and hitting the Page Up or Page Down keys on your keyboard.  Click again to de-select.
  • Copy Records across or down by clicking on an item, right-clicking and choosing those options.  Especially useful when entering codes or other duplicated entries.
  • Columns – Right-click on a column heading to change the column name, or select the entire column by clicking on the top.  You can then move the column next to another while working by clicking the top and dragging it.  Note: the next time the worksheet is opened the column will have its original placement.  Change column width by selecting that option on the menu (it will ask if you want to change ALL), or Rename Column.  To delete a column, figures must be “0”.  You may enter dates or even split dates for a column by right-clicking on the column name to bring up the menu and selecting Column Dates.  When you Add Column you may select Payroll/Sales Item or Adjustments.  In the box that appears, either name the new Payroll/Sales Item column or select the Adjustment. (You may add default Adjustments by clicking on the menu heading Defaults and selecting Adjustments. Add a default adjustment with F-1 Add, type in the Adjustment Type and Multiplier.  E.g. if the Adjustment type is Premium Overtime, you might type POT and use 1.5 as the multiplier.  Click F-3 Save and exit.)
  • Zoom – Use the Zoom Options to resize the screen.  This may be helpful in order to print all records on one page.
Importing Lists from Other Programs –

If you have a list in another program, perhaps Excel or Word, you may copy the list and then paste it into the Payroll / Sales or Subcontractor tabs.  Highlight and copy the existing list, click into the top cell on the Payroll / Sales or Subcontractor tab, right-click and select Paste from Clipboard.

Duplicating the Worksheet –

To save time, you may duplicate a worksheet. This may be useful if you have a WC worksheet and you would like to create a GL worksheet as well.  Right-click on the Worksheet Tab and select Duplicate Worksheet.  When the Add Worksheet screen appears, change the type and any other information and click on theDuplicate Worksheet button.  Once duplicated, you may adjust the information.  Note: You may duplicate a WC to a GL Worksheet, but not Payroll to Sales—you must create a new worksheet.