Simple Audit – Premium Audit Software

Simple Audit  Premium Audit Software is based on the premise of  making sure that your auditors have the tools they need without having to spend hours learning the program.  Everything is laid out as a worksheet, making anyone familiar with using a spreadsheet can be instantly and consistently productive!

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Highlights Include:

Simple Audit Premium Audit Software has the following:

Audit codes and information entered into Management Professional    Software flow straight into Simple Audit.

You can easily choose between Workers Comp, General Liability or Garage Liability.

Need to do a  Workers Comp and  a General Liability ?  No problem, you can copy the WC worksheet to a new GL worksheet within the audit without having to re-input the data.

Set up the policy periods the way you need to input them.  Select from  Annual, Bi-Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Weekly.  Auditors also have the ability to set Custom Dates and Split Dates.

Easily handle multiple entities with multiple worksheets within the same audit.

Summarize multiple worksheets into one report.

The file sizes are extremely small making for easy archival and  retrieval.