Management Professional Software

Management Professional – Audting / Loss Control Software

Manage Professional software is a comprehensive auditing/loss control program that allows you to inventory, manage, bill , and track cases from your customers to your reps and back to your office. You can also click Here to get another view of the Management Professional Slide Show.

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  •  Contains a fully integrated document management system
  •  Allows import of data  from almost any source (through the import module)
  •  Allow exporting to excel, PDF, etc.
  •  Allows emailing reports and completed work from within management  professional
  •  Integrated Web Module allows online – inventory, pickup of completed  work, request of status’s
  • Comprehensive  billing module to accommodate your customer requirements
  • Field module for reps – inventory , communications, sending back completed work
  • Integrated  Simple Audit Module  for Seamless completion of Audits
  • Integrated Forms Module for intelligent forms management