Simple Forms Support


Please check out the frequently asked questions below.

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To download the latest simple forms  training manual, Form Manual and download the minipro  manual and refer to the table of contents to find the section on simple forms

 Here is a collection of frequently ask questions:

 I don’t have the right form.

if after clicking on the create forms button, (where applicable) your form is not shown, pick a main_narrative form and go to load forms and select the right form.  For word forms, right-click on the white space in the forms list , browse through the templates until you find the right one. Double click on the form and it will add it to your list.

I need to have another copy of the form.  

After inserting the first form, click on the form again to add it.  Answer No when it ask you to replace. It will give it the form name with an “a” or “b” at the end of the form name. If you answer yes it will replace your existing form with a blank form.

I opened a file and  a window opened up and says OPEN. 

Just close the case and minipro and reopen minipro and the case.

My Photos won’t compress in the photo manager. 

In the Form , Go to Options, Photo Options.   This will recreate the thumbnails.

Part of a new form prints out blank. 

If you want to print out a blank form, right mouse click on the form tab and click the properties button.  Make sure the print option is checked under the update row on the form.  This needs to be done once.